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Why choose Broked Computer Inc.?

Broked Computer has been around since 2007, we have been working on technology since we were young, and have loved to not only play with it, but make new tools and imagine new strategies every day. We frequent many places online that can teach us new and better ways of doing things. From Setting up your new computer, through installing your whole small business, or upgrading your data center server, we have solutions and methods for you! Give us a call today! We also do work for local customers from all of Alberta, and from Golden, BC, to Regina, SK. If you have need of hard working technicians, and great service times, give us a call today! (866) 596-9649 Please feel free to e-mail us at tickets@brokedcomputer.com. We are always looking to help our customers achieve their goals through technology, and making their systems work as promised by the manufacturers.

We charge $50.00 per man hour, or otherwise known as Hourly Rate. Our Hourly rate does not apply unless we are doing work while on site. If the call is cancelled, you are required only to pay the drive out fee if we have already left for your site. For all onsite work, we have a flat $25/trip charge to site within 25km of Red Deer, and outside of that its $0.70/km. We hope that this will not only offset your costs but also make it easier for customers to know what it takes to get me on site, and allow you to calculate what it will cost. We do have a GST number, and are required by law to charge GST, for reference here it is: 79642 8894 RT 0001

Format And Reinstall Re-installation of Windows (Due to system error, or other unrecoverable issue) (Backup fees may apply) Cost: $150.00 for a full format and reinstall – Onsite $100.00 for a full format and reinstall – Offsite Includes:

  • System optimization
  • Defragmentation tools
  • Avast Anti-Virus – your Free anti-virus solution. (You can purchase this software, and you can however the free edition is quite great – Cost $50.00/year for 1 computer) For more info go here.

Data backup fee extra of $75 per device. Data Recovery

  • $75 Per Device

Hardware Installation (Or Custom Builds)

  • Cost – $25.00 per piece of installed equipment
  • Custom Built computers at $200.00 plus the cost of equipment

Virus Removal

  • Cost – Flat fee $75.00/device

In most cases, viruses can be removed quickly if the computer has not been infected long term. If the infection has been long term, then the virus may be impossible, or very time consuming to remove. In all other cases, we would recommend doing an option above, Formatting and reinstalling will give you the best performance after a virus has infected your machine.

Broked Computer did great, can’t speak any higher of them. Great guy, he does my switch replacements in Red Deer. Broked Computer will be the requested Techs for this fan replacement and all work I send that way. Knows their stuff and take direction perfectly. If you have any projects in the future I would not hesitate to use Broked Computer. I don’t think I need to say anything else besides… Thanks guys!!!!! Nice job!!!

Gough Daniel (FCA)

Fast, knowledgeable service... even for sister with Mac products! When I drove over my computer, he fixed up a second hand one with the old parts and saved my hard drive.

Sharon Engbrecht